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The ultimate goal of our team is the advancement of science for medical care. Depending on the available facilities and programs, we welcome those who have similar goals and visions, also internationally. You can be the author of review abstracts in at least one of the bioelectromagnetic subcategories. Your manuscripts will be added to the literature review or articles sections of the website with your own name in a publicly available form and will persist as long as our website is available. You might also be interested in finding more information about our products, or look for a collaborative research. It’s our pleasure to answer your request and to work together.

Important tips for researchers interested in writing manuscripts for our website: Most of investigators who are interested in writing for our website are those who have in-depth knowledge about bioelectromagnetics fields based on literature reviews and conducting experiments. This website, in the literature review section, calls for articles that attempt to clarify the basic foundations of bioelectromagnetics and introduce the main frameworks and ideas for young researchers. To meet this goal, please follow the standard rules of writing in this website for your manuscripts. All materials received before publication will go through a preliminary review, and will be edited.



Dr. Mehrdad Saviz
Principal Researcher
Office: +9821-64545569



Department of Biomedical Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology, Hafez Ave., Tehran, Iran