Pajvak-1: GSM Waveguide Applicator


Dual-Polarized Waveguide Applicator (900 -1000 MHz)

This is a high-frequency waveguide applicator. We have designed Pajvak-1 for the exposure of biological solutions to GSM-like electromagnetic waves while controlling temperature and shielding against ambient high frequency interference. A report of the full system appears in a recent conference paper :

M.Saviz, I. Tavakolnia, A. Banaei, M. shakiba-Herfeh, A. Barzegari, R. Faraji-Dana, "Design and fabrication of a dual-polarization waveguide applicator for bioelectromagnetic experiments in the GSM frequency band," In Proc. 2'nd Iranian Conference on Bioelectromagnetics., Tehran, Iran,2013.


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