Broadband Skin Phantoms

Phantoms; Artificial materials that mimick the macroscopic electrical behavior of tissues, are needed in experimental research as a substitute for the actual tissue. In view of the most recent research in wearable electronics and communication, we have designed tissue-equivalent phantoms which provide compliance with tissue data over a wide range of frequencies. The paper appears in:

Reza Aminzadeh, M. Saviz, A.A. Shishegar, Theoretical and experimental broadband tissue-equivalent phantoms at microwave and millimetre-wave frequencies, Electronics Letters, April 2014.

Abstract: Several phantoms have been fabricated for reflection measurements from the human tissues in the range of 26.5–40 GHz. For the first time anovel composition is introduced for fabrication of low-cost simple tissue-equivalent phantoms. The effective medium theory is applied to estimate the dielectric properties of phantoms and the results are verified by dielectric properties measurement on proposed phantoms. It is shown that mixing theory can estimate the dielectric properties of phantoms with minimum error therefore no additional experimental work is required to obtain the amount of the ingredients.


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