Fields of the Cell

Edited By: D. Fels, M. Cifra, and F. Scholkmann, 2015

Category: Endogeneous Fields, Cell-Scale

Level: Advanced

Short Review:

This book is recommended for research in Bioelectromagnetism (endogenous fields) with a focus that transcends the usual bioelectric phenomena that occur below about 1 kHz. It is a book with a relatively high coverage of main state-of-the-art topics related to Fields emitted by cells at higher frequencies. These include, among some others: Ultra-weak photon Emission, The Photon source within the Cell, Cellular Electrodynamics from kHz-THz, and the role of endogenous bioelectric fields in morphogenesis. As Dr. Fels comments in the preface; the electrodynamic world of the cell seems to be much more than photosynthesis, membrane potentials or electrostatics of protein folding. Cells are filled with electrodynamic fields that exist because of charged molecules, ions and chemical reactions, all of which move through the confined space of a cell. Fields interact with charged particles and consequently the endogenous electrodynamic fields of the cell are assumed to play a significant role in organizing cell processes and form.

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