Bioeffects and Therapeutic Applications of Electromagnetic Energy

Written By: R.W. Y.HABASH, 2008

Category: Tissue Scale Bioelectromagnetics, General

Level: Introductory

Short Review:  

This is a recommended reading for courses in Bioelectromagnetics, with a main theme on exogenous fields and their effects on the body. The book covers a fundamental review of electromagnetics concepts, Interaction of EM Energy with the body, Bio-effects and health hazards, Dosimetry and radiation safety standards, and measurement techniques. The book is written with an aim at being comprehensive while avoiding mathematical complexity as far as possible. 

(Review written 1.5.2016 by M. Saviz- Note: This Website provides these short reviews/introductions of scientific books/papers/etc. for educational purposes only and as a non-profit service to academic audience.)

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