Textbook of Neuromodulation, Principles, Methods and Clinical Applications

Editors:  H.Knotkova, D.Rasche, 2015

Category: Endo/Exogeneous Fields; Cell-Scale

Level: Advanced

Short Review: 

This book is recommended for bioelectrical engineers, clinicians and scientists who want to conduct research in brain stimulation and neuroscience. This decade has witnessed increasing interest of scientists, physiologists and finally patients who are the main purpose of these studies in neuromodulatory techniques. Investigations and experiments suggest these methods could be promising tools in medical interventions.

This book is focused on the description of methods currently available for both invasive and non-invasive neuromodulatory techniques, their clinical potential, significance and practical applications. The initial part of the textbook reviews neurophysiological systems involved in neuromodulation and provides basic principles of neuroplasticity. Additionally, the clinical use of these techniques is described in the following chapters.

The remarkable feature of this book is providing a comprehensive overview of neuro-stimulation and its challenges by bringing together different points of views ranging from clinicians to engineers.

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